Drew (drawsmcgraw) wrote in homebrewing,

I'm tired of glass

So what do *you* use for bottling? I'm really starting to look into stainless steel bottles. There are companies that make them (with customized artwork, no less) for conference shwag but you could easily order a small batch and use it for your own goods.

Or can you? My wife seems convinced it won't work. Specifically, her concern is twofold, both related to aging meads/wines in them:

  1. The seal may be unreliable. This would no doubt be an issue if you're trying to squirrel away something for a few years.

  2. We're not sure how the metal would react with it, long term. We know breweries/wineries ferment in them and maybe do some short-term aging, but what happens to stainless steel after it's been exposed to an alcoholic drink for a few years?

Anyone know much about the behavior of stainless steel in the brewing world?
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