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Delirium Dethroned

I’m guilty of too often declaring something as ‘the best’. 
As in, ‘that was the best movie ever.’
Or this past October, ‘the best World Series I’ve ever watched.’
And about a year ago at the Union Jack Pub, I emphatically declared Delirium Tremens to be the best beer I’d ever had.
Yes, Tremens was delectable, but what really forced the pious declaration was its uniqueness.  It was exclusive – only available in the most refined establishments.  It was served from a white bottle, and had pink elephants on the label.  And its name blatantly flirted with the addictive nature of alcohol, similar to Marlboro doing something as bold as marketing “tar and phlegm” smokes.  [By the way, have you seen the Dr Pepper commercial that declares its latest product as not-for-women?  That’s some bold advertising.]
But when I recently saw Delirium Tremens listed on the menu at my local movie theater, the bloom instantly fell off the rose.  The best beer in the world had gone Hollywood – and sold its soul to the devil.  Can’t blame them for grabbing the cash, but damn it, I’m now going to have to find a new best beer.  Snob that I am, I certainly can’t be declaring Tremens as the best when it’s soon to be available at convenience stores across the nation.  Where’s the uniqueness in that?
The interim “best beer ever” now hails from North College Avenue in Indianapolis, where I recently sipped a $26 glass of Brasserie DuPont Foret Organically Produced Saison.  Good luck finding that one in your local grocer.
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