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My Dad is telling me that I have a bumper hop harvest on his allotment this year - I haven't been down to look at it yet.

the thing is, I am moving house and probably not going to be able to make any real use of them this year.

I am pretty sure they are Goldings, they are pretty much organic (cowmuck as fertilizer and nothing sprayed on or near them) and if you want to cover the postage(I'm in the UK) and maybe cover the cost of a few shop bought bottles on top I can probably manage to stuff some in an envelope and send em to you.

I will probably head over there tomorrow and take some pics - let me know if you are interested.
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White House homebrew recipes

Check it out, The White House blog has posted their White House beer recipes!

I know what you're thinking: extract?

Hey, I haven't moved to all-grain myself so I'm not judging. In fact, a simple recipe like this might be just the thing to inspire others to give homebrewing a try. That's the spirit of democracy right, that we can all, every one of us, brew beer?

(Oh, it's that we can all vote? I must have been asleep in civics class that day.)

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Brewmaster's International In Galveston Labor Day Weekend

Hi everyone!

A friend of mine alerted me to this event, so I had to share.

HA four-day beer extravanganza beginning Friday, August 31 and going until Monday, September 3 (Labor Day) at Moody Gardens in Galveston, Texas. More information on tickets and programs are at

See you there!


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Does anyone have any good spent grain recipes?
I've got a pretty good basic bread recipe and we also trade it with our friends' chickens in return for eggs, but please let me know if you have any other great ideas.

Slightly off topic due to the byproduct aspect, but hopefully applicable enough!

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So while watching my latest batch bubble away just now I had a thought.

It seems like it would be relatively easy for one to put a little paddle-wheel in a ventilation lock so that the escaping carbon dioxide turns it, and have it connected to a digital or mechanical device that would count the turns and thus you could calculate how much carbon dioxide it has put off ... from which you could presumably calculate how much fermentation has thus far occurred.

Does this already exist and/or thoughts?
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Question about mead

Today we are making a fruit mead for the first time. Multiple recipes online direct the maker to boil the honey in water, but then add fruit once the mead has cooled down, at the start of the fermenting process.

Is that right? What are the chances that we'll have a wild yeast if the fruit is not included in the boil?

The fruits that we'll be using are cherry and mango, if that matters.
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Maple Syrup Wine

So I just thought I would share my latest experiment...

So me and some friends were sitting in a pub and discussing my latest country wine making adventures (there have been lots of adventures in this direction recently) and I said "You know I quite fancy making a mead only using maple syrup"

Now I am in the UK and we only get little bottles quite expensively. However, one of said friends is an American lady who uses an american to UK website to get all those things from home that she misses. Including humungous bottles of maple syrup.

So - 4lb of maple syrup, water to a gallon, tanin, the usual measures of nutrient and yeast and citric acid are now in a demijon which is bubbling away. I am quite excited about this experiment and shall let you know how it goes as it progresses!

I did, after starting it, do a search for maple syrup wine and found this site so I am quite hopeful!

If any of you out there have made it before, please let me know your experiences!

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