February 14th, 2007


lil_psy joins the ranks of all those other metro, DC\No.Va. natives fixtures who manage break the curse of "The Gulch". She leaves tomorrow morning at 6AM for Florida in a borrowed truck stuffed full with all her things. I just got a call from her and she's stopping by house later, before she leaves, because she has two 5 gallon carboys of mead she made here back in October and left because my house has a fairly consistent and otherwise ideal temperture for fermentation (and leaving it here denies certain other people close to her access to it while it ages). She was considering taking it with her but is worried about how well it will travel.

If my adventure at Christmess is any support for my point of view I'm encouraging her to leave them behind. They're safe here, and she can come back up when they're ready to bottle, or I can always bottle them and ship it to her in Florida. Plus, I assume that some ridiculous regulation concerning the "transportation of alcoholic beverages across state lines" applies to homemade hootch, too, and comes into play here. Are there any legal types out here in Internetstanbul who know how the police might respond to a truck full of personal items and some contraband? Have any of you ever tried to move with a live a carboy, or two? Did you think better of it, afterward? Or is there simply a better way to go about this without calling FedEx Custom Critical?

I'd love to hear your stories, if you have any. . .
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