February 24th, 2007


(no subject)

So, I scored a biggish bottle of cherry-juice-concentrate (Tree of Life, preservative free) for $5 at the local health-food mart.  I have a batch of apple cider ready to be racked (well, more than ready) tomorrow. 

Should I combine them?  If so - how?  This bottle would make 12 8oz glasses (so, 3/4 gallon) if reconstituted.  How much should/could I safely add to make good cherry hard cider?  Should I dump some in and hope for the best?  Or add it along with water and sugar or something?

Or should I leave well enough alone, dump some maple syrup in (also preservative-free) to the plain cider and hope it turns out as deliciously as the last batch?

Hey indecision!!