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Coming's and Goings

I just got married and now that I'm done saving money for that awesome shindig I can start brewing again.  I did however have three brews for my wedding.  A ginger mead, which is good if not interesting.  Its light and sparkling like champagne with a spicy ginger taste.  Also a chocolate raspberry stout which I want to try to perfect the recipe on and a kolsch which my dad said tasted like sam adams when he tried it and then went promptly back to drinking budweiser.  I took it as a compliment.  My wife made the labels for them!

They look a little under the weather from their time in the ice bucket.

We went to Vegas for our honeymoon and had a couple of fancy dinners.  Rosemary's is a great restaraunt in a strip mall and it offers beer pairings to its menu so went with that.  A framboise lambic, which we can actually buy at whole foods, but that doesn't really detract from the deliciousness and celebrator doppelbock.  MMM doppelbock.  All of their beers were served in the proper glassware. 

Don't go to the chicago brewing company if your in vegas.  The food is mediocre but the beer is well better than budweiser.  It seemed thin and rather blaze on taste.  After i dragged my wife there too.  Oh well.

3 delicious stouts I had friday night on the behest of my wife.  Cottonwood almond stout.  Its good.  Strong almond fragrance, and the almonds lend a sweetness to the brew.  Its kind of like drinking marzipan.  Bell's kalamazoo stout, brewed with brewer's licqorice, but luckily for me no licqorice taste.  Its a thick, rich, delicious chewy stout.  Weyerbacher imperial stout aged in oak barrels, my favorite of the three.  Delicious classic stout flavor, with a touch of alcohol, and something else presumably the oak.  Check em out if you can!
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