More Science Than Faith (c0nsumer) wrote in homebrewing,
More Science Than Faith

Beer / Cider Brewing Equipment

[Crossposted to c0nsumer and homebrewing...]

So, there's a very distinct possibility that I will need to rid myself of beer brewing equipment. This includes:

· Gas burner and two large pots. (Turkey fryer, turkey fryer pot, and other very large pot. Only ever used for beer.)
· Two 5 gallon carboys and one 6 gallon carboy.
· Two buckets, one with spout for bottling.
· Lever-style Bottle Capper.
· Various tubing, airlocks, siphon, bottling wand.
· A good number of clean, empty, label-less, matching bottles.
· A few various ingredients (corn sugar, rice hulls, irish moss, etc).
· Bottle tree large enough to hold enough bottles for five-gallon batch.

Are any of you interested? It's available in Southeast Michigan, and I'd probably want about $200 for it all, although I'm willing to entertain other offers...
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