Greg's Crazy Anthropomorphic Tree Head of Funk (forestdruid) wrote in homebrewing,
Greg's Crazy Anthropomorphic Tree Head of Funk

partial mashing vs. minimashing vs. steeping

Hello all,

I have been using the following procedure for incorporating specialty grains into my brews. Firstly, what does this actually qualify as in terms of, well, terminology? Is it a partial mash? A mini-mash? Glorified steeping? I don't think it is a true partial mash as there is no lauter tun/nesting buckets type of equipment, but I have no clue =)

1) Fill brew pot with 3 gallons of chlorine-free, spring water (for 5 gal brew)
2) Crush specialty grains
3) Add specialty grains to steeping bag over brew-pot (to catch fines)
4) Tie grain bag closed
5) Add grain bag to water
6) Bring water up to 150-158 degrees F
7) Hold at this temperature for 45 minutes to 1 hour
8) During this time, heat 1 gallon of chlorine-free spring water to 170 degrees F. in a separate pot.
9) At end of steeping, remove grain bag from stock pot
10) Place strainer over the top of the stock-pot
11) Dump used grain bag into strainer
12) Use the gallon of 170 degree sparge water to rinse sugars/color from spent grains.
13) Dispose of spent grains.
14) Top off water in brew pot until it reaches 4 gallons.
15) Continue brewing as per normal.

Secondly, when utilizing specialty grains in this manner, do I need to add any high-enzyme grains such as 2-row in order to actually see any advantage over simple steeping? I am reading all sorts of contradictory advice. Please help explain! =)


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