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A raging beast with nothing to hide...

Extract dunkelweizen recipe -- check my work?

I was playing around tonight thinking about what I might brew next, and the thought of a dunkelweizen popped into my head. Anyone want to take a look at the recipe I've pieced together (splitting the difference between a couple of recipies, particular Mark Stevens' Too Casual Dunkelweizen, plus seat-of-the-pants brewer's wisdom and my knowledge of the style)?

Here it goes:

5 gal. batch
6 lbs bulk Wheat/Barley extract mix
1/2 lb dark Munich malt
1/8 lb
chocolate malt
1 oz whatever 3.5~5.5 AA German-ish bittering hop I can find in this day and age (pref. Tetnang, Hallertau, or similar cultivar)
WLP300 ("Hefeweizen Ale") or WLP351 ("Bavarian Weizen") or WY3056 ("Bavarian Wheat Yeast") or WY3068 ("Weihenstephan Weizen")

Steep cracked grains 30 mins at 150º F
60 minute boil with hops in for the whole time
Ferment in my 65-68 F pantry (wet towels if it gets too warm, not likely in June in western WA :P)
Prime to about 3.5 volumes CO2

Major questions:
  • Does the adjunct bill look about right? I know d/w isn't supposed to be super dark, just brown... one of the recipes I looked at had as much as 1/4 lb chocolate AND 1/4 lb black patent (?!?) for a 5g batch -- SURELY that's not right for a trad d/w?

  • How about the yeast selection? Anyone have a horse to back among those four? I'm leaning towards the 3068.

  • Anything else strike you as off, or any suggestions you might have?

I'm hoping to brew a week from this weekend -- I'm starting to get to where an empty carboy itches a little.
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