Helen Steer (moussaka_thief) wrote in homebrewing,
Helen Steer

Mead and hedgerow wines


New booze maker here. I have made v. simple things like sloe gin and limoncello before, but I have recently entered the world of fermentation with elderflower champagne. It's just amazing, if rather volatile.

I am looking to make mead as my next project, and it need to be ready for an event in early September. I know that's not exactly ideal but I reckon I can make something palatable by then! Does anyone have any recipes/tips?

Any other ideas for seasonal (I'm in London) hedgerow wines? I have a mulberry tree and a damson tree, but they're obviously nowhere near ripe yet. It looks like there's going to be a glut of fruit this year though. Being a gin lover I was thinking of making mulberry, damson and cinnamon gin, but if you have any ideas on how to use them up I'd be very chuffed. I was thinking of making some kind of hawthorn wine? IDK if anyone has tried that.


Helen x

Edit: thanks for all your advice and recipes! I'll post the result of the quick mead, here's hoping it works! I'll certainly try spiced mulberry mead as well. Perhaps an elderberry one?
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