Wicked big and itchy (davew0071) wrote in homebrewing,
Wicked big and itchy

Beer snob?

The recent discussion about personal "best" beers raises another interesting topic; that of being a so-called "beer snob".

To an extent I can understand that term being used in a derogatory way, and there are definitely some "beer douchebags" out there, who are following trends, or "discovering" a micro and deciding it's the only beer they'll drink, while they deride the personal tastes of others.

But there's also those of us who just recognize and appreciate higher quality beers, and/or drink what suits us and our personal tastes. To me, this isn't snobbery, any more than preferring a home-grilled hamburger to a McDonald's hamburger makes a person a "hamburger snob". As long as you know what makes a certain product better (or preferable), you're merely making an educated choice. Whether you're drinking Coors or a limited edition Belgian saison, following the herd is still following the herd.

My two cents, anyway.
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