Kristin (kricketkris) wrote in homebrewing,

Yeast question from a newb

Greetings, homebrewers.

My husband and I just got into this hobby a couple weeks ago... we found ourselves at the local brewery supply shop and purchased a kit and a recipe box. Two days later we went back for a second 6gal glass carboy and another recipe box. This weekend we bottled our Guinness clone and the Newcastle clone; nothing has exploded yet, thank goodness.

Anyway, despite not knowing how our first attempts will turn out, we can't stop. We bought ingredients for a chocolate porter... our first time buying a la carte instead of the boxed recipes. I have a question about pitching the yeast.

Previously we followed the instruction sheet and poured the dry yeast directly into the carboy. This next time we will also be working with dry yeast, but I read about people priming the yeast before pitching it (similar to what I would do if using yeast to make bread?). Should we make a yeast slurry? What are the advantages/disadvantages?

Appreciate your help!
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