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Maple Syrup Wine

So I just thought I would share my latest experiment...

So me and some friends were sitting in a pub and discussing my latest country wine making adventures (there have been lots of adventures in this direction recently) and I said "You know I quite fancy making a mead only using maple syrup"

Now I am in the UK and we only get little bottles quite expensively. However, one of said friends is an American lady who uses an american to UK website to get all those things from home that she misses. Including humungous bottles of maple syrup.

So - 4lb of maple syrup, water to a gallon, tanin, the usual measures of nutrient and yeast and citric acid are now in a demijon which is bubbling away. I am quite excited about this experiment and shall let you know how it goes as it progresses!

I did, after starting it, do a search for maple syrup wine and found this site so I am quite hopeful!

If any of you out there have made it before, please let me know your experiences!

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